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10 Best Burgers in Milwaukee | Your Local Foodie Guide 2020

The standard Milwaukee burger isn’t just cheese, pickles, and ketchup there are a ton of restaurants serving up their versions of the “Best Milwaukee Burger”. So where is the best burger in Milwaukee? That’s a tough one to answer as there is no shortage of tasty burgers in Milwaukee. We’ve narrowed down the list to our favorite burger restaurants in Milwaukee.

Quick Answers: Best Milwaukee Burgers

  • Local’s Favorite Best Burger: Sobelman’s
  • Best Milwaukee Take Away Burger: Kopp’s 
  • Best Overall Burger in Milwaukee: Crave Cafe

Best Burgers in Milwaukee


Jumbo cheeseburger at Kopps Frozen Custard and Butterburgers in Milwaukee with a dish of vanilla custard


Kopp’s is a popular local Milwaukee chain with 3 locations. Kopp’s is famous for its frozen custard but they also have really good and BIG burgers for under $5. This is a take-out burger place as there isn’t really any seating inside only stand up tables and benches outside. During the summer there is lots of seating outside to enjoy the Milwaukee summer sunshine!

Best Burger at Kopp’s: Cheeseburger with Bacon 

Location Info:

Kopp’s Glendale Location

Kopp’s Greenfield Location

Kopp’s Brookfield Location


The Loser Burger at Sobelman's Milwaukee


Sobelman’s is an iconic burger joint in Milwaukee. It recently was on the Travel Channel’s Food Wars and their burger went up against AJ Bombers and sadly Sobelman’s came out the loser. This is where the “Loser Burger” came from and it’s on the menu to this day. Its location is odd as there really isn’t anything else by it but it is on the way to Miller Park only a two miles away. It’s a popular place on the weekends as they are also known for having one of the best Bloody Mary’s in Milwaukee.

Best Burger at Sobelman’s: The Cool Ranch Burger 

Location Info:

Sobelman’s Website (all Locations)

Sobelman’s on St. Paul

Sobelman’s at Marquette

Sobelman’s North Shore


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Crave Cafe

Crave Cafe is new to the Milwaukee Burger scene but it’s been consistently rated as the best burger in Milwaukee. You could easily drive by their location and not even see it. We personally thought it was a coffee shop, the branding is off but their burgers are not.

They only serve burgers, salads, and fries in cute Chinese takeout boxes. Crave Cafe has quickly become our go-to burger spot. On a return visit consider trying their soft shell crab BLT, it’s just as interesting as it sounds.

Best Burger at Crave Cafe: Korean BBQ Burger

Location & Hours


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AJ Bombers

AJ Bomber’s first opened in 2009 and since then has expanded even into Miller Park. What leads to their success was obviously ridiculously good burgers but also winning Food Wars on the Travel Channel. They also serve up boozy frozen custard shakes!

Best Burger at AJ Bombers: The Milwaukee Burger

AJ Bombers Location & Hours

Water Street location

Mayfair Location



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Solly’s Grill

Solly’s Grill is one of the oldest Milwaukee burger restaurants established in 1936. They claim to be home of the butter burger but so do other restaurants but honestly, it doesn’t matter who was the original as long as it’s good. Their burgers differ as they are dripping with butter, trust us, just try it.

Best Burger at Solly’s: Original Solly Cheeseburger

Location & Hours


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Nite Owl

Nite Owl is a totally locals-only place. The only people that know about have lived in the area for 30 years or have read this article lol. Once you’ve had a Nite Owl burger you won’t want to go anywhere else. The only issue is their hours, the last few years they’ve changed their hours to basically a lunchtime only place and closed during most of the winter. Not sure if their owners just don’t need the money, or why the change in hours. If you can get here you should, it’s close to the airport if you are flying in.

Best Burger at Nite Owl: Jumbo Cheeseburger

Location & Hours


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Mason Street Grill

Mason Street Grill is known for their steaks but if you ask us the best thing on their menu is the 10 ounce Mason Street Grill for $16. You may think that is pricey for a burger but the quality, service, setting are worth it. It’s our favorite fancy restaurant in Milwaukee for a burger.

Best Burger at Mason Street Grill: Mason Street Grill Burger

Location & Hours



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Stack’d Burger Bar

Stack’d specializes in burgers, hence their name. They have several specialty burgers that have been approved by all the best foodies in Milwaukee. However, there is something about building your own burger.

Stack’d Burger Bar has tons of toppings and you can make whatever your stomach desires. If you aren’t that hungry stop in for their happy hour Monday-Thursday 2 pm-6 pm for $2.50 beef sliders and wash it down with a local Milwaukee brew.

Stack'D Burger Milwaukee & Sweet Potato Fries

Best Burger at Stacked Burger Bar: Build your own Stacked burger

  • 170 S 1st St, Milwaukee Open Sunday-Thursday 11 am-10 pm, Friday & Saturday 11 am-11 pm

Location & Hours

Woman holding the APV II burger from Elsa's on the Park - Best Burgers in the Milwaukee Area

Elsa’s on the Park

While Elsa’s on the Park might not strike you as a burger joint, that doesn’t stop them from assembling one of the best burgers in Milwaukee. Of course, that’s not all they do, but they do have some great burgers.

Our top pick here would be the APV II burger. Prepared in the traditional French style of Au Poivre, covered in the peppercorns and simmered in a Burgandy reduction, then topped with a more than generous helping of blue cheese and Nueske’s Bacon – it’s as good as it sounds!

Best Burger at Elsa’s on the Park: APV II Burger


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Mazo’s is a Milwaukee tradition located on the south side of Milwaukee. It’s a hole in the wall place with only burgers, sides, and old-fashioned shakes on the menu. Nothing fancy here but a good cheap burger.

Best Burger at Mazo’s: Bacon Cheeseburger

  • Address: 3146 S 27th St, Milwaukee Open
  • Hours: Monday-Saturday 11 am-7 pm


Oscar's on Pierce Burger & Beer

Oscar’s on Pierce

Walking into Oscar’s it has that Wisconsin pub vibe and feeling but not your traditional bar food.  The owner Oscar has had some experience in the Milwaukee burger scene as he used to work at Sobelman’s, Wicked Hop, Wild Flour Bakery, and other local restaurants.

He eventually decided to open his own restaurant featuring the “Big O” his favorite burger in Milwaukee. The half-pound burgers are served on a bun specially made for Oscar’s Milwaukee only from Wild Flour Bakery. Don’t forget to get your burger served with a side of homemade fries. We think this is one of the best cheap burgers in Milwaukee, a huge burger and fries for under $10.

Best Burger at Oscar’s on Pierce: The Big Gringo



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Merriment Social

Best Burger at Merriment Social: You’re My Boy Blue


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Culver’s Butterburgers

Culver’s is a popular burger chain that is all over the USA but started in Wisconsin. Culver’s is great if you’re looking for a drive-thru meal or something casual. They also have some of the best frozen custard in Milwaukee it would be a sin not to get a scoop or two.

Best Burger at Culver’s: Sourdough Melt

Culver’s Restaurant each sets their own hours some open earlier and stay open longer but the standard Culver’s hours at 10:30 am – 10 pm. There are 10 Culver’s locations in Milwaukee County we’ve listed the just a few.

  • 575 W Layton Ave, Milwaukee – Closest to the Milwaukee Airport
  • 1325 E Capitol Dr, Shorewood – Closest to University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  • 1641 Miller Pkwy, West Milwaukee – Closest to Miller Park
  • 1672 S 108th St, West Allis – Closest to Milwaukee County Zoo & Children’s Hospital

Milwaukee Burger Specials & Deals

If you’re looking for a great burger deal the following restaurants have awesome burger specials. We think trying burgers at a new restaurant for the first time is great on their “cheap burger night.”

  • Crafty Cow $5 burgers on Mondays, 2675 S. Kinnickinnic Ave Milwaukee
  • Camino MKE $10 burgers & fries on Wednesday, 434 S 2nd St Milwaukee
  • Bar Louie $1 burgers with drink purchase on Tuesday, 1114 N Water Street, Milwaukee

Best New Burger Place in Milwaukee


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Shake Shack

The infamous Shake Shack from NYC now has a location in Milwaukee. Every time we go to NYC we would have a Shake Shack burger but now we can have it every day at their Shake Shack Downtown Milwaukee location. If you are in town for one of the Milwaukee festivals at the Summerfest grounds this would be a great place for a bite to eat before heading into the festival.

Best Shake Shack Burger: Smoke Shack

  • 220 East Buffalo Street, Milwaukee Open Sunday-Thursday 11 am-10 pm, and Friday & Saturday 11 am-11 pm

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