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Best Milwaukee Dog Parks

Best Milwaukee Dog Parks

Milwaukee is a great city to own a dog. Whether you are downtown or suburban resident, there are plenty of sidewalks, walking trails, and even Milwaukee dog parks to take advantage of. For nice longer walks in summer, nothing beats walking along the lakefront or strolling through the Oak Leaf trail that cuts through the city.

However, sometimes dogs need a little time off the leash to truly enjoy themselves. Milwaukee offers seven parks dedicated for dogs to roam free. Read below to learn about various dog park options in Milwaukee, rules and etiquette at dog parks, and pricing rates for passes.

Milwaukee Dog Park Rules

Make sure to read the specific rules at each dog park since they can vary slightly. The main rules include:

  • A limit of three dogs per owner
  • Each dog should be licensed within the municipality
  • Owners are liable for their dog’s actions while in the park
  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up dog waste
  • Keep your dog on a leash before and after exiting the dog park.

Make sure your dog’s permits and entry to the dog park are displayed, and that your dog is current with all vaccinations. A final rule: don’t have your dog wear a choke, pinch, or training collar since these can possibly injure other dogs.

Dog Park Etiquette

Beyond the formal rules to follow at Milwaukee area dog parks, there is also some common etiquette (sometimes called petiquette) to follow. While some may say this stuff is common sense, just remember to not bring glass bottles into the dog park area, and if your dog digs a hole, try and fill it back into the best of your ability.

It also is probably a good idea to not bring your female dog into the park if she is in heat, and in general, to supervise your dog’s interactions with other dogs, especially if the dog is known to be a bit of a trouble maker. Also, remember to properly close the gates when entering and exiting the dog park enclosure.

Passes for Milwaukee Dog Parks

There is a small fee to use Milwaukee dog parks, which basically is used for upkeep and maintenance. For a daily pass, it is $5 per dog. Residents can purchase an annual pass for $30, or $15 for seniors (60+) and disabled persons. Each additional dog with an annual pass is $15. Non-residents can also purchase an annual pass: the first dog is $35, and $20 for each additional dog.

All annual passes for non-resident seniors (60+) and disabled persons is $20. The annual pass grants admission to all Milwaukee area parks for the entire year, open daily without holidays, from 5 am through 10 pm. Read below to learn about the specific Milwaukee dog parks available. You can buy passes online here.

1. Bay View Dog Park

Located in the southern part of Milwaukee, Bay View Dog Park offers about an acre of fully fenced dog park. Though not particularly large, the dog park is always well-maintained and is especially ideal for smaller dogs. There are also nearby walking trails perfect for getting a larger exercise in.

  • Address: 900 E. Lincoln Ave., Bay View

2. Currie Dog Park

Head over to Wauwatosa on the western end of the city for one of the larger dog parks in the Milwaukee area. The fully fenced Currie Dog Park boasts ten acres of land for larger dogs, and a separate one and half acres for smaller dogs. You can guarantee your dog will get a nice work out and have a great day with this small of land.

  • Address: 3535 N. Mayfair Rd., Wauwatosa

3. Estabrook Park

A bit north of downtown, Estabrook Park features a three-acre fully fenced dog park, along with a smaller section for especially tiny dogs. There are also walking trails throughout Estabrook Park, and with one of the best beer gardens in the city, you can always reward yourself with a beer after you and your companion get a nice workout in.

  • Address: 4400 N. Estabrook Dr., Shorewood

4. Granville Dog Park

Located on the northwestern edge of the city, Granville Dog Park is a dog’s dream come true. With ten acres of rugged land, there are plenty of adventures to get into and areas to explore. Be aware that Granville Dog Park is only fenced on three sides, with the Menomonee River enclosing the fourth side. As a result, it is recommended you only bring your dog here if your dog is good about following oral commands.

  • Address: 11718 W. Good Hope Rd.

5. Riverwest Dog Exercise Area

The most urban of the dog parks, “Roverwest” Dog Exercise Area in Riverwest is right in the middle of Milwaukee but still provides about an acre of fully fenced dog fun. There is also convenient parking right around the dog park making it an easy adventure from other parts of the city.

  • Address: 3243 N. Weil St.

6. Runway Dog Exercise Area

Located on Rawson Avenue, Runway Dog Exercise Area is pretty far south of the city, maybe a twenty to twenty-five-minute drive unless you live right in the area. The trip is worth it, since Runway is a really large enclosed dog park, with about twenty-six acres to explore. There is also a playground for dogs, including things like agility training equipment. Although it’s a bit of a drive, Runway is probably the best dog park in the city.

  • Address: 1214 E. Rawson Ave.

7. Warnimont Dog Park

Warnimont Dog Park is also located south of the city, but a bit closer than Runway Dog Exercise Area. The dog park covers about five acres and also has really nice wooded trails for you and your dog to hike on together. Head down to Cudahy for a dog park that doubles as a nice escape to nature.

  • Address: 6100 S. Lake Dr., Cudahy

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