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7 Best Indian Restaurants in Milwaukee | 2023 Local Foodie Guide

7 Best Indian Restaurants in Milwaukee | 2023 Local Foodie Guide

Looking for the most authentic and best Indian Restaurants in Milwaukee? We have done all of the tasty “research” and made a trip around India without leaving the city.

Here is our hand-picked list of some of the best Milwaukee Indian restaurants that you have to try.

Top Rated Indian Food in Milwaukee

Whether you’re craving some Chicken Tikka Masala with a pile of basmati rice or a perfectly puffy piece of Naan bread with a bunch of Butter Chicken – this list has you covered. We scoured the city looking for the best Indian food in the Milwaukee Area. Here in Milwaukee, we are lucky enough to have a range of delicious options that cover the cuisine from all corners of India, from the far North to the spicy south.

1. Royal India Milwaukee

This is one of the best Indian restaurants in Milwaukee for lunch. Royal India Milwaukee is located on S. 27th street, across from the Southgate shopping center. They have a well-stocked buffet with options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

They offer a variety of classic and innovative dishes. The restaurant itself is beautiful and clean. The buffet is well organized with labels that say not only the name of the dish but what’s in it. That is a very helpful element for those with allergies or not familiar with Indian dishes. The prices are below average while keeping the quality high. The tikka masala and butter chicken are local favorites.

chicken and lentil curry along side rice and garlic naan

2. Cafe India Bar and Grill

This unique restaurant is known for well-prepared authentic dishes that everyone enjoys. They have two locations, one in Bayview and one in Walker’s Point. They are open daily, and there also is delivery.

Cafe India is a contemporary restaurant, but they stick close to traditional Indian cuisine. They feature a nice wine selection, great service, and a nice atmosphere. The menu is very diverse, with the best dishes from all over India. Every dish is respected for its history while also being given a fun and modern twist.

3. Bollywood Grill and Banquet Hall

Bollywood Grill is located in East Town. They feature authentic Indian food in Milwaukee. Bollywood Grill has a great buffet that is served daily. They boast authentic Indian food and a very comprehensive menu.

Some of the highlights of the menu are their spicy turnovers stuffed with potatoes and their vegetarian paneer. When ordering, you can sit in, take it out, or get it delivered. They mix vegetarian options with their meat offerings, such as seafood and chicken. Bollywood Grill strives to meet the dietary needs of all its patrons. Here they even have gluten-free options, but you have to ask your waiter for details.

Milwaukee Indian Restaurant Saffron

4. Saffron

The best new Indian restaurant in Milwaukee is Saffron. If you are looking for upscale Indian food and dining experience, head to Saffron. They are located right on the river in downtown Milwaukee.

The menu has your classic Indian dishes and then unique offerings too. We love the Tandori chicken bao buns. They make a great starter, and you can’t visit an Indian restaurant without getting Naan. Saffron has truffle naan. Never in our life have we seen this. Yes, it is amazing. Anything with truffles is. Definitely try it.

5. Bombay Sweets

Bombay Sweets is a very unique option for Indian cuisine located on 13th & Holt. They pride themselves on simplicity. This means no table service, plastic plates, and utensils. Bombay Sweets is the only restaurant on this list that is 100% vegan.

They feature the best dishes from South and North India. The food is great, but Bombay Sweets also puts a lot of work into their sweets. They have a large variety of delicacies that you might not have ever heard of but will definitely love.

The value of this place is great. You can get an entire plate of food for under $10. Some favorites include the Thali platter and butter marsala.

White plate filled with Authenic India Food served at one of the best Indian restaurants in Milwaukee WI

6. Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant

Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant is a more refined restaurant than others on this list. However, they are not so refined that they are uncomfortable. The ambiance feels really relaxed. The food is authentic and delicious. The décor and presentation make dinner an event. They also offer a mix of vegetarian and meat options.

Taj Mahal includes complimentary Chi tea, which is a very nice addition. The value for the large portions is really high. Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant also features a buffet with discounted drinks, including wine and spirits. The food is always plentiful and fresh. Some of the favorites include Chana masala and spinach naan.

7. Maharaja

This restaurant is family own and has been in operation for over 20 years on Milwaukee’s Eastside. They feature northern and southern Indian cuisines. There is nothing that they don’t serve from meats, including seafood, goat, lamb, and chicken. Maharaja also offers delicious vegetarian options. They try to merge all the great things about Indian cuisine into one eating experience.

This local favorite Indian restaurant also offers a wide range of Indian beers and beverages. Quality food is what drives this restaurant. You can literally taste the freshness in every dish. The atmosphere is cozy and comforting. The service is fun and attentive. The spices in the dishes are just right. Not too much that it takes away from the dishes, but enough to make every bite interesting.

Maharaja has several specials. They have a Brunch special on Sundays with appetizers, entrees, and desserts with bottomless alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, all for a fixed price. During lunch on Mondays through Saturdays (Covid Restriction Dependent), they have their lunch buffet that includes a take-home box.

Where is your favorite Indian restaurant in Milwaukee?

S Rogers

Tuesday 5th of September 2023

Have tried all the restaurants on this list and none are better than India Garden in Wauwatosa.