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Top 9 Best Steakhouses in Milwaukee | 2023 Local Foodie Guide

Top 9 Best Steakhouses in Milwaukee | 2023 Local Foodie Guide

Steakhouses are all about excess. Excessive cuts of steak, indulgent sides, and strong martinis all make for a great dinner – perfect for a celebration or a romantic dinner in Milwaukee.

After lots of personal “research” with a fork and knife in hand, we’ve made a list of the best steakhouses in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Steakhouse Traditions

Wisconsin is famous for supper clubs, so it should come as no surprise that the city boasts an impressive range of steakhouse destinations, from 1950s-style supper clubs to trendy and more modern interpretations of steakhouse classics.

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What makes for a great Milwaukee steakhouse? It’s all about superb service, top-quality cuts of steak seared to perfection, and a range of cocktails, side dishes, and dessert options that, taken together make for the perfect evening. Read below for our guide to the area’s best choices for an indulgent steak dinner in Milwaukee.

Girl drinking Milwaukee Old Fashioned

Top 10 Best Milwaukee Steakhouses

Tomahawk Steak in Milwaukee at Carnevour Steakhouse

1. Carnevor Steakhouse Moderne

Carnevor Steakhouse Moderne brings a modern feel to the classic steakhouse. Located on the trendy Milwaukee Street in downtown Milwaukee, the restaurant is known for having an artistically inspired interior and for the frequent celebrity sightings, in addition to having some of the best steaks in the city.

Given its location, this is a convenient option for visitors staying downtown and if you plan on hitting some bars or nightclubs after dinner. Best make reservations on weekend nights to ensure a seat.

The Food

The chef at Carnevor adds modern twists to expected steakhouse dishes. Start with the roasted bone marrow that comes with pickled shallot, whole grain mustard aioli, and crostini, or the jumbo lump crab cake with garlic saffron aioli. The BLT wedge salad is fantastic, which is iceberg lettuce topped with smoked bacon, blue cheese, and tomato.

For steak, you can’t go wrong with the wet-aged bone-in 20oz. ribeye, which you can top with various free and pay-for items, like roasted garlic, herbed garlic butter, or beef jus. There are numerous sides to choose from. A couple of the highlights include an exotic mushroom medley or the Carnevor signature steak fries.

Location & Hours

Five O'Clock Steak House Milwaukee Filet Mignon

2. Five O’Clock Steakhouse

Just west of downtown is the Five O’Clock Steakhouse, which goes back to the 1950s. It is truly a classic supper club right in the middle of downtown Milwaukee. You can either order at the bar while enjoying a drink and then get taken to your table before the food comes or just order at the table for larger parties.

Either way, dinner is served alongside a large bowl of salad, which is brought to you on a cart, and deliciously fresh bread, along with other bite-sized snacks that are expected at traditional supper clubs. Five O’Clock Steakhouse makes for a delicious meal and a great time, especially because they occasionally have live music in the second-floor bar area.

The Food

There are numerous great options to choose from at Five O’Clock Steakhouse. Start with the Thai buffalo shrimp or the bacon sticks before enjoying the salad that comes with your meal. From there, you might pick one of the rotating nightly specials, like Greek-style lamb lollipop chops or the lamb Osso Bucco with grilled carrots and asparagus.

However, it really is the steak that makes this restaurant worth visiting. Try the bone-in filet mignon, the prime rib on Friday and Saturday nights, the Five O’Clock cut porterhouse, or the Land & Sea, which is two 4oz. filet medallions and three jumbo-fried shrimps. Most of their steaks come sitting in an amazing au jus sauce. Make Five O’Clock Steakhouse your number-one choice for an indulgent steakhouse dinner.

Location & Hours

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Eddie Martinis Steakhouse Milwaukee woman eating dinner

3. Eddie Martinis

Located on the west end of town, Eddie Martinis is one of the most impressive steakhouses in Milwaukee. The dining room is comfortable, the service is great, and there is even an adjoining parking lot to make getting in and out of the restaurant easy.

There is also a comfortable bar area to have a drink, or for having a solo dinner. Eddie Martinis is a perfect destination for a romantic date, a corporate dinner, or a night out with the family. Reservations are recommended at this destination steak house.

The Food

There is no going to Eddie Martinis and not trying the bowl of delicious lobster bisque. It truly is excellent and makes for a great start to any meal, as is the griddled brie, a French brie that’s almond-crusted and served with rosemary.

There are numerous dining options at Eddie Martinis, including a nice list of seafood for non-steak eaters, like an amazing seared ahi tuna that is citrus ginger crusted, and comes in a five-spice coconut lemongrass cream sauce.

For steak, try the filet mignon or the New York Strip. Both come with steak butter, an onion ring, and your choice of garlic mashed potatoes, a baked potato, or bacon potato hash. While there are numerous other sides to consider, the seasonal risotto is always great, as are the brussels sprouts.

Location & Hours

Rare Steakhouse Milwaukee best restaurant

4. Rare Steakhouse

Rare Steakhouse is a relative newcomer to the Milwaukee steakhouse scene, although it has another location in Madison that is very well thought of. The location of their Milwaukee location is great, right on the edge of downtown near the lakefront, museums, and the Historic Third Ward.

The interior is about as classy as they come, with oversized leather booths, library shelves stuffed with books, and high-quality table settings. The well-thought-out interior is matched by a top-notch waitstaff, valet parking, and one of the best menus in town. Consider trying out Rare Steakhouse for your next night out on the town.

The Food

If looking for a decadent meal, try starting with the oysters with mignonette and charred lemon on a half shell or the fried calamari. There is also a seafood platter perfect for larger groups. For steak, they offer wet-aged and dry-aged options, like the dry-aged 20oz. Kansas City bone-in strip or the wet-aged 6oz. filet. You can add seafood accompaniments and additional sauces. The sides equal the steaks in quality, like the loaded baked potato or the potato gratin with herbed goat cheese.

Location & Hours

5. Ward’s House of Prime

Ward’s House of Prime is downtown Milwaukee’s go-to destination for prime rib and other succulent cuts of beef. The restaurant also has made some national attention for hosting prime rib eating competitions and having a wall of fame honoring the victors – the current record holder ate 360oz. of prime rib!

Gimmicks aside, the prime rib and steaks are truly fabulous. The restaurant is centrally located near Cathedral Square, ideal for those staying in downtown hotels or for an excellent dinner before hitting Jazz in the Park during summer or Cathedral Square bars on a weekend. With great food and excellent service, Ward’s will not disappoint the savviest of steakhouse enthusiasts.

The Food

The appetizers at Ward’s are worth a try, like the grilled shrimp served alongside hoisin sauce or the bacon-wrapped prime rib bites, just in case you won’t be getting enough steak for dinner. The menu offers additional entrée options, like pasta, seafood, and flatbreads, but the main emphasis is on the beef. Try any sized cut of prime rib, though most visitors go with an 8oz., 16oz., or 24oz. prime rib cut. There are other steaks as well, or you may want to try the surf and turf option, like the 6oz. filet that comes with three pan-seared sea scallops served in a garlic cream sauce. For a side, the must-haves include the Cajun mac n’ cheese and the truffle creamed corn. For all things prime rib, try Ward’s in downtown Milwaukee.

Location & Hours

6. Mo’s: A Place for Steak

Mo’s: A Place for Steak is conveniently located downtown within walking distance of popular hotels and popular bars. The classy interior and valet parking lets customers know they are in for a luxurious dining experience.

Mo’s is a popular destination for out of towners and downtown workers alike, and as a result, reservations are certainly recommended on the weekends. The steaks and sides at Mo’s are, of course, the highlight – they seem to take the idea of decadence to a whole new level. If you are looking to splurge, consider Mo’s for your sumptuous steak dinner.

The Food

Most customers will have a steak entrée at Mo’s, so why not try some seafood for the appetizer? The lobster ceviche is a truly memorable dish, as are the bacon-wrapped seared sea scallops. For steak, try Mo’s Signature cut, which is a 20oz. bone-in ribeye, or splurge on some of their wagyu beef options, like the 8oz. wagyu filet. Any of the steaks can be served with a number of sauce options like the horseradish and blue cheese crust. There are plenty of fantastic sides to pick from, like the crispy onion strings or the roast potatoes with bacon, onion, and mushrooms.

Location & Hours

Steak and old fashioned at Mr. B's steakhouse in Brookfield

Photo credit: The Bartolotta Restaurants

7. Mr. B’s: A Bartolotta Steakhouse

The Bartolotta restaurant group boasts some of the best restaurants in the city, and they certainly don’t skimp when it comes to their two steakhouses in the area. There is a Mr. B’s in Brookfield, which is about twenty minutes west of downtown, and in Mequon, which is about twenty-five minutes north of the city.

Both are well worth the drive if you are looking for a phenomenal steakhouse experience in Milwaukee. Mr. B’s stays true to New York-style steakhouses by offering classic dishes, only updated to ensure the highest quality and best dining experience. The restaurant also ensures perfect service, and they never slack on the details, so it’s not much of a gamble to say you won’t be disappointed if you choose a Mr. B’s for a birthday or anniversary.

The Food

Consider starting your meal with the shrimp scampi appetizer, which comes with gulf shrimp baked with garlic butter and herbed bread crust, or the chopped salad, which comes with watercress salad, roasted cherry tomatoes, bacon, red onion, avocado, croutons, and feta. For your entrée, Mr. B’s 12oz. filet mignon is an impressive choice, as is the porterhouse cut for two, which is a 42oz. bone-in steak served with potato, vegetables, and sauce.

Like any great steakhouse, there are abundant choices for toppings, like jumbo lump crab meat with béarnaise, sauces, like Mr. B’s steak sauce or bourbon peppercorn cream, and rich and satisfying sides, like the bacon roasted potatoes or the creamed spinach. Try Mr. B’s for your next date night.

Location & Hours

Brookfield Location:

Mequon Location:

Ward's House of Prime Steak in Milwaukee Tomahawk Steak

8. Mason Street Grill

The Mason Street Grill in the heart of downtown is attached to one of the area’s top hotels, the Pfister. As one of the best fine dining establishments in the city, one can expect top-level service and perfectly prepared food all in a comfortable and spacious dining room.

The restaurant also boasts an impressively large bar and private dining areas, perfect for corporate or special events, in addition to an open kitchen design with a dining counter, which makes for a truly memorable date night. Mason Street Grill will not disappoint if you choose it for your next Milwaukee steakhouse adventure.

The Food

The food at Mason Street Grill is sure to please. For an appetizer, try the jumbo gulf shrimp cocktail, the oysters (market price), or one of the delicious flatbreads, like the one that comes with roasted garlic, caramelized onion, fontina cheese, tomato, and basil. If not looking to have a steak, try one of the numerous seafood options or the chicken piccata with spinach.

The steak at Mason Street Grill is truly excellent. They pride themselves on sourcing some of the best beef in the country. Try the steak and fries, which come with a prime Coulotte steak with béarnaise or house steak sauce. The bone-in 16oz. New York Strip is also excellent. There are plenty of steak upgrades, like getting it au Poivre with brandy peppercorn sauce, and of course, decadent sides to choose from, like roasted broccolini with red chili flake or white cheddar and smoked gouda mac n’ cheese. Regardless of what you order, the Mason Street Grill will not disappoint.

Location & Hours

Dream Dance Steakhouse Milwaukee Surf and Turf

9. Dream Dance Steak

Dream Dance Steak is located in the Potawatomi Casino and Hotel in the center of the city, which makes parking easy and provides ample options for entertainment before or after dinner. The restaurant itself is decorated like a fine dining establishment and excels at offering a fantastic wine menu, delicious craft cocktails, and superior service.

The menu is a great combination of classic Milwaukee steakhouse meets modern-inspired dishes. As the hallmark restaurant of the ever-expanding Potawatomi Casino and Hotel complex, you are certain to be treated to a luxurious time if you choose Dream Dance Steak.

The Food

Order any dish at Dream Dance Steak, and you can nearly guarantee it will be good. Try starting with the dusted scallops that come served with celeriac, serrano ham, and lemon vinaigrette, or for something more adventurous, try the kangaroo meatballs served alongside squash, pumpkin seed, and chive.

There are abundant steak options, but the 12oz. filet is sure to please. Choose from a range of “enhancements,” including seafood pairings, like garlic gulf shrimp, other toppings, like Amish blue cheese crust, and additional sauces, like béarnaise. The sides at Dream Dance are nearly as good as the steaks. Try the creamed spinach or the shaved brussels sprouts.

Location & Hours

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