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Your Complete list of Brewer Game Shuttles – 2023 Season

Your Complete list of Brewer Game Shuttles – 2023 Season

There are few things Milwaukee residents enjoy more than heading over to watch the Milwaukee Brewers play. You always know when the Brewers are playing because of freeway jams of excited fans getting to the game and because of the clouds of grill smoke pouring away from the stadium parking lots.

Some Milwaukee residents would say that tailgating is an integral part of going to a Brewers game.

But when you aren’t tailgating, another choice for getting to the game is to rely on one of the many bars in the area that offer free Brewers game shuttles. They generally range from completely free to free with the purchase of a beer.

These American Family Field Shuttles are a convenient way to get to the game, plus you get to enjoy a beer at the bar before riding to the game. Read below for some of the best Brewer game shuttles in Milwaukee.

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Brewers Baseball Stadium - Miller Park at Sunset - Top things to do in Milwaukee

Brewers Game Shuttles from Bluemound Road & Wauwatosa

Kelly’s Bleachers

Kelly’s Bleachers is one of the best spots in the city to watch the Brewers. With affordable drinks and food, and an always rowdy crowd of locals, good times are always guaranteed at this classic Milwaukee establishment.

The bar and restaurant also offer a shuttle to American Family Field and, once per year, offers a shuttle to Wrigley Park to cheer on the Brewers versus the Cubs. Stop into Kelly’s Bleachers whether you have tickets to the game or not.

Address: 5218 W. Bluemound Rd.


Saz’s is a pretty famous establishment in the Milwaukee area, not only because they have a great bar and restaurant. Their food is offered at just about all of the Milwaukee festivals, and they cater tons of weddings, making their food easily recognizable throughout the Milwaukee area.

The bar and restaurant have excellent food and cheap drinks. They also offer a quick ride from the Miller Valley to Brewer’s game.

Address: 5539 W. State St.

Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub

Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub provides superior bar food and larger entree choices, all in a comfortable environment. They also have an extensive beer list, even if the restaurant pays homage to Pabst Blue Ribbon.

They offer two locations with shuttles to the game, one in the historic Pabst brewing area, the other on the west end of the city. Both make for a convenient and easy way to get to Miller Park.

Address: 11302 W. Bluemound Rd.

Address: 1203 N. 10th St.

Balistreri’s Bluemound Inn

Balistreri’s on Bluemound Inn is one of the best Italian restaurants and pizza joints in the city. They also feature a comfortable bar that actually gets pretty rowdy during Packer and Brewer games.

The restaurant offers a shuttle to and from Miller Park. With plenty of parking in the area and excellent food, Balistreri’s provides a great meal before the game and makes getting to Miller Park a breeze.

Address: 6501 W. Bluemound Rd.

Camp Bar Tosa

Camp Bar in Wauwatosa offers a free shuttle to the game. Head over early to try one of their excellent old-fashioned cocktails or beers off the drink menu, and maybe even grab one of their small plate snacks. With the cozy interior and great outdoor patio at Camp Bar, it makes sense to stick around after the game for at least one more drink.

Address: 6600 W. North Ave., Wauwatosa

McBob’s Pub & Grill

McBob’s Pub and Grill is a no-frills kind of pub that is always filled with locals. Besides for the cheap drinks and plenty of great food options, McBob’s also serves up some of the best-corned beef in Milwaukee. Stop into McBob’s to either watch the game or to take advantage of their complimentary shuttle to the game.

Address: 4919 W. North Ave.

Water Street Bars - Milwaukee Nightlife - Bar store fronts

Brewers Game Shuttle from Downtown and Water Street

Mo’s Irish Pub

Located right in downtown Milwaukee, Mo’s Irish Pub is the perfect stop when craving a Guinness, some Irish or other bar fare, and for having a good time. Especially on weekends, this restaurant transforms into a popular nighttime destination for drinking and dancing.

They also offer a free shuttle to Miller Park for Brewers games, and is a great choice if you are looking for some fun after the game or if you are staying in one of the nearby hotels.

Address: 142 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Address: 10842 W. Bluemound Rd.

Trinity Three Irish Pub

Trinity Three Irish Pub is a popular Water Street bar and restaurant. With excellent Irish fare, Trinity is worth stopping into for dinner, while at night, the restaurant transitions into a really popular bar.

There are three bar areas at Trinity, hence the name, and each one is packed with a fun late into the night. They also offer a shuttle to Miller Park. Be sure to stick around after the party.

Address: 25 E. Juneau Ave.

Who’s on Third

Conveniently located on Old World 3rd Street, Who’s on Third is a great choice for grabbing a shuttle to the game. The bar serves up excellent bar food, including appetizers, brats, and burgers.

They also provide great game day drink specials before and after the game. Especially if staying in a hotel downtown, Who’s on Third is a great choice for getting to Miller Park.

Address: 1007 N. Old World 3rd St.

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View of Old world Third Street - Brewers game shuttle

Brewers Shuttles from Old World 3rd Street

Milwaukee Brat House

Milwaukee Brat House is an area favorite for all the things that make Milwaukee great, like creative spins on sausages, great burgers, and affordably priced quality beer. Both locations offer shuttle service to Miller Park and get you right back to the action once the game lets out.

Address: 1013 Old World 3rd St.

Buck Bradley’s

Buck Bradley’s is a really popular bar on Old World 3rd Street that serves up great drinks and tasty food. The menu ranges from pizzas, sandwiches, and burgers, to larger entree options like streaks.

The bar also slings up one of the best old-fashioned cocktails in the city, and they have lots of drink specials to take advantage of. The bar is one of several on Old World 3rd Street that offers a shuttle to the game, making the street and Buck Bradley’s a great spot to check out if looking to avoid driving to Miller Park.

Address: 1019 Old World 3rd St.

Third Street Tavern

Third Street Tavern is a newcomer to Old World 3rd Street but has quickly established a following with its arcade games, burgers, and drinks. The spacious restaurant has a trendy interior, an excellent bar with lots of beer options, and pretty good prices on food if watching your wallet before heading over to American Family Field or the Fiserv.Forum.

Check their nightly specials before heading over for the shuttle to Brewer’s game since they often have great discounts on food and drinks.

Address: 1110 N. Old World 3rd St.

Oak Barrel Public House

Address: 1033 N. Old World 3rd St.

Miller Park Shuttles from West Allis

Paulie’s Pub & Eatery

Paulie’s Pub & Eatery is a popular spot in West Allis for grabbing some reasonably priced bar food that happens to be made really well and for watching the Packers or Brewers while throwing some dice.

The bar always has great drink specials to take advantage of, and with the free shuttle to American Family Field, it makes getting to the game from West Allis no problem at all.

Address: 8031 W. Greenfield Ave., West Allis

Braun’s Power House

Address: 7100 W National Ave., West Allis

Miller Park Shuttles from the Eastside

Milwaukee Brat House

Most people know of the Milwaukee Brat House location on Old World 3rd St., but don’t realize there is another location in Shorewood. The menu is just about the same, and they also have Brewer’s game shuttle from this location as well. They also have great specials.

Address: 4022 N. Oakland Ave.

Jack’s American Pub

Jack’s American Pub is the go-to location for watching games on Brady Street. The two-level bar and restaurant have excellent food, like sandwiches and pizzas, and a spacious bar, making getting a drink easy, even when they are slammed with cheering fans.

Jack’s also offers a free bus to the game, which may as well be a party bus since it’s one of the most fun in the city. Better yet, getting back from the game means being placed right in the center of Brady Street with its many bars and restaurant offerings.

Address: 1323 E. Brady St.

WurstBar MKE

Address: 1239 E. Brady St.

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Miller Park Shuttle from the 5th ward Walkers Point - View 5th ward looking to downtown

Brewers Shuttles from Walker’s Point & 5th Ward

Steny’s Tavern & Grill

Steny’s Tavern & Grill is one of Milwaukee’s most popular sports bars. Not only is it one of the best bars in the city to watch the big game, but they also have a free shuttle service that will get you to and from the game.

Stop by early to try some of their excellent food, and plan on taking advantage of the nightly drink specials post-game.

Address: 800 S. 2nd St.

Fat Daddy’s

Fat Daddy’s is a popular bar in Walker’s Point best known for having volleyball tournaments in their backyard area. They also offer really great bar food and some stellar barbequed meats.

Fat Daddy’s provides a convenient shuttle to the game, and with their beer menu, sticking around after the game is always tempting.

Address: 120 W. National Ave.


O’Lydia’s in Walker’s Point merges two of the city’s favorite things – a top-quality Irish pub with some of the best chicken wings around. They also feature plenty of drink specials, other great dining options, and a mini-bus that will get you right to the game. Check out O’Lydia’s on game day for affordable drinks and an easy ride to Miller Park.

Address: 338 S. 1st St.

view of the menomonee valley - best brewers shuttle

Brewers Shuttle from the Menomonee Valley

Oscar’s Pub and Grill

Oscar’s Pub and Grill is one of those classic Milwaukee bars that not only has an excellent beer selection but also serves up some of the best burgers in the city.

With a nice outdoor patio and comfortable indoor seating, it’s easy to find a place at Oscar’s to enjoy a burger and a beer before heading off to Miller Park. They also offer a shuttle service to make getting there easy.

Address: 1712 W. Pierce St.

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City Lights Brewery

City Lights Brewery is a fantastic micro-brewery located in the center of the Menomonee Valley. They have excellent beers and really neat spaces, like outdoor entertainment areas and a spacious interior.

They also offer a brewery tour well worth going on. Stop into City Lights Brewery on game day since they have a free shuttle and usually offer excellent specials to root on the Brewers.

Address: 2200 W. Mount Vernon Ave.

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