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Elsa’s On the Park – Surprisingly Epic Burgers

Elsa’s On the Park – Surprisingly Epic Burgers

Many of our foodie friends swear by the burgers at Elsa’s on the Park, however, it just never struck me as a burger place. With persistence, I was recently persuaded to go and try the burgers, and I must say they were right – Elsa’s burgers are pretty legit, deserving of a spot on the list of Best Burgers in Milwaukee.

Burger with fries and side at Elsa's on the park restaurant in Milwaukee - Top burger spots in Milwaukee

The Burgers

All burgers at Elsa’s a half pound and cooked to perfection. One of the things that stood out most to me most was that edge to edge the patty was the perfect level of pink for my requested cook. The patties were very juicy, but not so much that the bun is rendered useless. I would give the bun a 7/10, it was light and airy, it complemented but didn’t interfere with the burger and toppings.

Elsa’s has a wide range of toppings and styles of burgers, but the ones that stick out are the burgers featuring APV sauce. APV or Au Poivre preparation means the burger is covered in peppercorn and cooked in a burgundy sauce – and it’s as good as it sounds. I stepped in up to the next level with the APV II Burger which comes with generous amounts of real crumbled blue cheese and nicely cooked Neuski’s bacon.

On the Side

To be honest, the fries are weak. The burger comes with a fistful of steak fries that are fine, but uninspired compared to the burgers. Also on the plate is a random accompanying side. Each burger has a different equally random side like grapes and slices of cantaloupe, um ok… thanks for that, I guess.

Interior View of Elsa's on the Park Restaurant in Milwaukee - Top burger Joint


The space and the feel of Elsa’s doesn’t scream burger joint, and that’s because it isn’t really. Burgers aren’t the only thing they do, they just happen to do them better than most. There is a full menu with classic dishes with a classic overtone with a modern twist.

To only talk about burgers would miss at least 75% of the menu. These items are also prepared with the same care and unique flare as the burgers.

woman holding the world's smallest turtle sunday at Elsa's on the park in Milwaukee - Top Desserts


Finish any meal off with the World’s Smallest Turtle Sunday. While the record status is unverified, for only $1.50 I have no idea how they make any money on this dish. While small, it’s bigger than we expected and is the perfect sweet treat after a nice burger.

Burger lover or not if you are in the Cathedral Square area you should make it a point to stop into Elsa’s on the Park.

Matt Stephens

Wednesday 25th of November 2020

The Bomb when it comes to Burgers in Milwaukee! Classy with spectacular burgers and service! But not a typical burger joint.

Late night very cool. I bring clients from Los Angeles to Elsa’s and they leave in awe.

Possibly one of Milwaukee’s biggest selling points.