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Easy & Cheap Fiserv Forum Parking Guide

Easy & Cheap Fiserv Forum Parking Guide

Fiserv Forum is Milwaukee’s top destination for live entertainment. The Fiserv Forum is the home of the Milwaukee Bucks and the Marquette Golden Eagles – the stadium simply can’t be beat when it comes to live basketball games.

The Forum also hosts a bunch of live concerts including internationally acclaimed musicians and nationally acclaimed comedies. Beyond the entertainment going on inside of the Forum, the area has also become a major attraction since the newly named Deer District is now home to some awesome restaurants, bars, and micro-breweries, in addition to an entertainment space outside of the Forum that hosts various festivals like Oktoberfest, a new Halloween themed festival called the Fear District, and the Christkindlmarket.

For all of these reasons, the Fiserv Forum and the surrounding neighborhood has become one of Milwaukee’s top destinations. If heading over to this area from most of downtown, including nearby Fiserv Forum hotels, patrons can simply walk. From other parts of downtown Milwaukee, it makes sense to grab an Uber, taxi, Fiserv Forum free bar shuttles, the Milwaukee Public Transit buses, or to grab The Hop to get you within walking distance.

However, for many visitors to the Deer District and the Fiserv Forum, driving is simply the most convenient and best option for transportation. If you’re going to drive, then be sure to plan your parking options ahead of time to ensure you make it to your seat before the show starts.

For the cheapest & free Fiserv Forum parking options head to the bottom of the article for our street parking guide. Read below for a full guide to parking near the Fiserv Forum.

Fiserv Forum Parking Structures and Lots

There are numerous parking structures and lots within a short walking distance to Fiserv Forum. Below is a list of them, starting with the closest parking options, and then a few that are about a half-mile away, which should be about a ten-minute walk.

Be aware that the prices at these structures fluctuate. If heading over on a weekday before 6 pm, many of them range between $5 and $10 to park. However, when a big concert is performing, or during a Bucks game, most of the structures charge between $15 and $20 for event parking. Also, while these are the largest and most reliable options, there are also quite a few smaller lots scattered throughout the western part of downtown that will try and get your business during major live events, often for around $20.

1. 5th Street Parking Structure

One of two parking structures directly on the Fiserv Forum campus, this parking structure situates you within just a few minute’s walk, along with indoor walking options to enter the Forum. The price fluctuates depending on the event, but in most cases, the price is around $15 to $20. Parking can be booked along with tickets to most events.

  • Address: 1215 N. 5th Street

2. Highland Structure

Along with the 5th Street Parking Structure, the Highland Structure is the closest option for parking when visiting Fiserv.Forum. Expect to pay about $15 to $20 during major events, especially during basketball games on top headlining musicians.

  • Address: 1030 N. 6th Street

3. MacArthur Square Parking Structure

The MacArthur Square Parking Structure is within a quarter-mile from the Fiserv. Forum, making it a very convenient option when heading over to the Deer District. Prices during the day or for less popular events are totally reasonable, around $10 typically, but expect the price to go up during major events.

  • Address: 841 N. James Lovell Street

4. Wisconsin Center

The Wisconsin Center has plenty of parking, often for a reasonable rate (around $10). Most of the parking is uncovered, which can be a bit of a drag during winter or when it’s raining. The location is very convenient at less than a quarter-mile from the entrance to the Forum.

  • Address: 500 W. Wells Street

5. 6th and State

6th and State offers another convenient parking option. Prices fluctuate depending on the draw of the event, usually between $10 and $20. The location makes this parking option worth it, though.

  • Address: 965 N. 6th Street

6. The Blue

Located a bit further than the other parking options, The Blue is about a ten-minute walk from the Fiserv Forum. The prices often go up for the biggest events, but if you get there early you can maybe get a day rate of about $10.

  • Address: 310 W. Wisconsin Avenue

7. 1000 N. Water St. Parking Structure

Also a bit further from the Fiserv Forum is the 1000 N. Water St. Parking Structure, which is about a half-mile from the front entrance. Especially if walking isn’t a problem and the weather is nice, this structure offers a great alternative to the more expensive options closer to the stadium.

  • Address: 1000 N. Water Street

Street Parking near the Fiserv Forum

Though a little less reliable, visitors to the Deer District can always search out street parking. The main benefit to street parking is that after 6 pm, parking is free. Even if you show up early, and happen to park in a metered area, you only have to pay through 6 pm and then parking is free after that.

Some streets within walking distance to Fiserv Forum are entirely unmetered. If you plan to street park, be sure to give yourself extra time to find parking, walk, and still get to your show before it starts. Spaces fill up pretty quickly, so there is a bit of a risk involved.

Where to Look for Street Parking near the Fiserv Forum

There are basically two major options when it comes to street parking near Fiserv Forum: downtown and across Mckinley Avenue (just north of Fiserv Forum). Downtown is an ideal option if arriving between 5 pm and 7 pm, especially if you plan on grabbing dinner before the show or heading to a bar or restaurant after the show.

There are also some good back up plans – basically, if you can’t find a spot on the street, you can last minute head into a structure or into one of the many small parking lots that charge around $20 for parking during major events.

The other option is just north of the Forum, or across Mckinley Avenue. The area has plenty of street parking spaces, most of which are unmetered, or metered but free after 6 pm. There are several cross streets to cross Mckinley, and all of them have traffic lights making it easy and safe. Depending on how close to Mckinley you are able to park, it should be about a ten to fifteen-minute walk to the front of the Forum.

Here are a few streets we typically head to look for free Fiserv Forum parking:

  • Wells St between 6th & 8th Street
  • James Lovell Street between State Street & Wisconsin Ave
  • 3rd Street between Wisconsin Ave and State Street