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The Best & Cheapest Milwaukee Airport Parking

Parking at the Milwaukee airport (MKE) doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are several parking lots around the Milwaukee airport that run 24 hours shuttles that will have you to the terminal within 5 minutes.

No matter if you need to park your car by the Milwaukee airport for only a few hours, a few days or two weeks here are the best Milwaukee airport parking lots.

Photo of MK General Mitchell International airport signs and entrance

Best Milwaukee Airport Parking Booking Website

When booking on an airport parking booking website we use way.com 80% of the time to book our airport parking. Their website will pull up parking rates for several different parking lots and nearby hotels. We always book Wally Park or the Super 8 hotel on way.com.

Make sure to check the airport shuttle times for the hotel lots as they aren’t always running 24 hours. The prices really fluctuate so book early for the best price. If you sign up for their newsletter watch for special promo code discounts.

Often if we book our parking less than a week in advance it’s more expensive than Fast Park (see below) so we just book there instead.  

Make airport parking reservations online as soon as you know your travel dates. We have found that we typically pay twice as much if we just pull into one of the lots and pay the day of rates. Some parking lots rates fluctuate and others are set rates but can sell out.

Park and fly Milwaukee - Super 8 airport hotel in Milwaukee

Airport Hotel & Parking

If you have a long drive to the airport or have a really early flight consider staying at a hotel near the Milwaukee airport and booking sleep, park, fly combo. This is where you pay one price and that includes a hotel night the day before or after and include airport parking in their lot.

Park Sleep Fly has some great prices like $80 for a hotel and a week of parking, which is a steal considering a week parking alone is typically $35-60 We love this option for really early flights and if we are driving in from far away. 

Milwaukee Airport Parking Lots

Fast Park green front gate at MKE Airport - Cheapest Milwaukee airport parking

Fast Park

We park at Fast Park the most, they are a set price of $8.01 a day and the shuttle drivers are great. We have never had an issue with Fast Park, it’s our preferred Milwaukee airport parking lot. Get one-day free parking by clicking here. Shuttles run 24/7. 

  • Cost: $8.01 per day
  • Address: 5201 S Howell Ave, Milwaukee, WI
  • Phone: 414-481-0155

Cheapest parking at MKE - Wally Park Parking Lot at Milwaukee Airport MKE

Wally Park (NOW CLOSED)

We park here often but we book through way.com (above) it’s much cheaper to book there. If you pull into Wall Park and pay the prices the day of or even make reservations online on their website it’s crazy expensive.

Wally Park is hit or miss as far as the shuttle drivers. They run 24/7 but there have been times where we pull into the lot park and the driver sees us pull in and then leaves without (we have even chased) making us wait 10 minutes.

Then there have been times where the shuttle drivers back up and wait for every car, this is also annoying as everyone picked up first rides around the parking lot for 10 minutes and if you’re in a hurry it’s not good.

Rates vary based on if you choose uncovered parking, covered parking, or valet parking. Valet is nice in the winter as they will have your car started and heated up for you when you return.

  • Cost: Variable
  • Address: 4747 S Howell Ave, Milwaukee, WI
  • Phone: 414-255-0227

Sign for main terminal parking lot - closest Milwaukee airport parking - MKE

Mitchell International Parking Ramp

The closest but most EXPENSIVE parking is directly at Mitchell International Airport. If you’re picking someone up this is the best option. The first 30 minutes are FREE. Rates vary based on which parking lot you are in.

  • Cost:
    • First 30 minutes are FREE
    • Hourly Lot $2/hr max $24 day
    • Daily Lot $2/hr max $14 day
    • Surface Lot $2/hour max $15 day
    • SuperSaver Lot  $2/hour max $8 day
  • Address: 5300 S Howell Ave, Milwaukee, WI
  • Phone: 414-747-5300

Exec Parking Lot at Milwaukee MKE airport - Milwaukee airport parking

Exec Park 

Exec Park is a complete valet parking service. As soon as you pull in just drop off your car and hop on the airport shuttle. When you fly back just call them when you land and they’ll have your car warmed up and all the snow scrapped off for you.

Prices are fixed at $8.95 a day, ask for a senior discount if 65+.  Shuttles run 24/7.

  • Cost: $8.95 for 24 hours
  • Address: 5151 S Howell Ave, Milwaukee, WI
  • Phone: 414-747-1000

Entrance of Economy Parking lot at Milwaukee MKE Airport

Economy Airport Parking & Shuttle Service

A little bit further south of the Milwaukee airport is Economy Airport Parking & Shuttle Service. Another good option for parking near the Milwaukee airport. Open 24/7 with shuttle service for all flights.

  • Cost: $7.00 per day, $5 a day 30 or more days
  • Address: 5855 S Howell Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207
  • Phone: 414-744-8636

Sign for Supersaver milwaukee airport parking lot

SuperSaver Lot

  • Cost: $8.00 per day or $2.00 per hour
  • Address: 100 W Air Cargo Way, Milwaukee, WI 53207
  • Phone: 414-747-4580

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