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Best Coffee Shops in Milwaukee

Best Coffee Shops in Milwaukee

Coffee shops are like an extension of home when living in a city. They provide an ideal location for catching up on work, chatting with friends, or simply grabbing a cup of coffee on the go. If you are looking for one of the best coffee shops in Milwaukee you’re in the right spot!

What makes for a great coffee shop, you may ask. There are numerous elements that make for a coffee shop that stands apart from the rest. Convenient or trendy locations, an extensive menu of high quality beverages, comfortable seating, tasty food options – all of these factors combine to make for destination-worthy coffee shops.

Read below to learn more about all the best coffee shops in Milwaukee.

1. Alderaan Coffee

Alderaan Coffee is located at the junction between Water and Brady streets. The small cafe only has limited indoor and outdoor seating, but the coffee and pastries make Alderaan a prime spot to grab a cup of coffee. The baristas use high quality coffee beans roasted to Alderaan’s specifications.

A real highlight of their coffee is getting a shot of their house-made flavors, like French lavender, to add a unique twist to your cup of joe. They also feature pastries made by the local bakery Honeypie, so you can grab a vegan banana chocolate chip muffin ($3.25) before heading on your way.

  • Address:
    • 1560 N. Water St.
  • Hours:
    • Monday-Friday, 6am-6pm
    • Saturday and Sunday, 7am-6pm

2. Anodyne Coffee Roasting Company

Anodyne Coffee Roasting Company has been brewing some of the best coffee in the city since 1999, and now they have three permanent locations and a stand in the Milwaukee Public Market, making grabbing a cup of their high-quality coffee more effortless than ever.

Each location is unique. The Walker’s Point location in Milwaukee is especially spacious and occasionally hosts unique events, while the Bay View location slings up some tasty wood-fired pizzas. Make sure to check out our best pizza in Milwaukee article if you’re craving a slice.

Regardless of which location you choose, each cafe offers plenty of space for getting work done, comfortable seating for catching up with a friend, and of course, an extensive menu of specialty coffee and tea drinks.

  • Walkers Point Location
    •  Address: 224 W. Bruce St., Milwaukee
    • Hours:
      • Monday-Friday, 6:30am-8pm
      • Saturday, 7am-8pm Sunday, 7:30am-8pm
  • Bay View Location
    •  Address: 2920 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., Bay View
    • Hours:
      • Monday-Friday, 6:30am-7pm
      • Saturday, 7am-9pm
      • Sunday, 7:30am-9pm
      • Serves Pizza Daily 11:30am-9pm
  • Wauwatosa Location
    •  Address: 7471 Harwood Ave., Wauwatosa
    • Hours:
      • Daily 6:30am-7pm

3. Brewed Cafe

Brewed Cafe is a local favorite on the east side of Milwaukee. Situated right on Brady Street, the cafe draws a diverse and eclectic crowd. The cafe itself feels like walking into someone’s living room. There is an abundance of comfortable seating, both indoors and out.

Beyond brewing coffee roasted at Anodyne, and offering a range of specialty brewed drinks, the cafe is known for some tasty home-cooked dishes, including an extensive soup menu, sandwiches, all day breakfast items, and tasty desserts. Try the vegetarian Greek sandwich, with olive tapenade, red onion, tomato, spinach, and provolone on toasted bread ($9). Brew Cafe is the perfect place to stop in for a warm drink along with some breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

  • Address:
    • 1208 E. Brady St.
  • Hours:
    • Monday-Friday 6:30am-3:00pm
    • Sunday and Saturday 7am- 4pm

4. Collectivo Coffee

Collectivo Coffee went from only having a few locations (back when it had a different name) to becoming one of southeastern Wisconsin’s, and beyond, most popular spots for coffee, food, and other specialties. They offer an extensive list of coffee and tea drinks, smoothies, pastries, and more substantial food items great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Any day starts better with a fresh smoothie, like the Berry Blaster, which combines strawberry, blueberry, banana, cran-grape juice, and vanilla yogurt. Collectivo even brews its own beer, so a few locations have a couple of taps ready if looking for an alcoholic beverage. Every location is well-decorated, offers good service, and has plenty of seating.

However, one location really stands out from the rest, which is the Collectivo on the lake. Located right across the street from Lake Michigan just north of downtown Milwaukee, the location is an area favorite for its excellent views and expansive outdoor patio. Check out a Collectivo near you when looking for a great cup of coffee and an escape from home or work.

There are numerous Collectivo Coffee locations throughout southeastern Wisconsin, so check out their website for the location nearest you.

  • Milwaukee Lakefront Address
    • :1701 N. Lincoln Memorial Drive
  • Hours:
    • Open Daily 6:30am-10pm

5. Fuel Cafe

Fuel Cafe has two locations, one in Riverwest and the other in Walker’s Point. The original location in Riverwest has been serving up some of the best coffee drinks in the city since 1993, and with the recent opening of a second location, you can now enjoy the cool vibes of Fuel Cafe in two distinct parts of town. Both locations serve a brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am until 3pm, along with a regular menu throughout the week that includes all-day breakfast, small plates, and sandwiches.

Be sure to try the Chicken & French Toast with Nashville-style hot chicken breast, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, and maple syrup on top of French toast ($11). Beyond savory treats, Fuel Cafe also offers up excellent pastries and perfectly poured cups of coffee, all in an inviting and warm atmosphere.

  • Address:
    • 818 E. Center St.
  • Hours:
    • Monday-Friday, 7am-9pm
    • Saturday and Sunday, 8am-9pm
  • Address:
    • 630 S. 5th St.
  • Hours:
    • Monday-Friday, 7am-10pm
    • Saturday and Sunday, 8am-10pm

6. Hawthorne Coffee Roasters

Hawthorne Coffee Roasters makes for a unique stop on the south side of Milwaukee. Opened by a coffee enthusiast, the shop roasts their own coffee beans ensuring the highest quality coffee possible. In fact, they are so proud of their coffee they even offer a flight so you can sample their best products, including a pour over coffee, an expresso, and a cold brew tasting ($6.50).

Hawthorne also runs a coffee truck, enabling loyal customers to grab a cup wherever the truck decides to set up shop. Be sure to stop into their main location, though, since the daily specials board highlights the newest and most creative coffee drinks in the city,

  • Address:
    • 4177 S. Howell Ave.
  • Hours:
    • Monday-Friday, 6am-6pm
    • Saturday and Sunday, 7am-6pm

7. Rochambo Coffee & Tea House

Rochambo Coffee & Tea House opened its doors on Brady Street in 1995, and ever since it has become a destination hangout for coffee enthusiasts, area residents, and alternative teenagers alike. Besides selling health products, Rochambo’s serves up coffee drinks, teas, and liquor-based hot beverages. The interior is comfortable and inviting, with an even more inviting staff. Grab a table or a seat at the coffee bar any time of the day, from the early morning to midnight, and relax while the interesting characters of Brady Street make their way through.

  • Address:
    • 1317 E. Brady St.
  • Hours:
    • Monday-Friday 7am-12am
    • Saturday 8am-12am
    • Sunday 9am-12am

8. Stone Creek Coffee

Stone Creek Coffee has numerous locations throughout Wisconsin and in the Milwaukee area. In Milwaukee proper, there are two locations worth mentioning, the one on 5th Street and the newest location on Downer Avenue.

Founded in 1993, Stone Creek has always emphasized its “farm to cup” approach to ethically purveying the highest quality coffee. The 5th Street location opened in 1999 and has been a destination coffee shop near the center of downtown since, while the Downer Avenue location opened more recently and sets itself apart by offering limited food items, like breakfast sandwiches and desserts.

Either location is especially well-suited for a comfortable environment to get some work done out of the house or office. Click here for all their locations.

  • Address:
    • 422 N. 5th St.
  • Hours:
    • Monday-Friday 5:30am-7pm
    • Saturday and Sunday 7am-6pm
  • Address:
    • 2650 N. Downer Ave.
  • Hours:
    • Open Daily 5:30am-9pm

What do you think is the best coffee in Milwaukee? We’re always looking for a fun new place to grab a cup of coffee.